Featured Featured Event Series Birding Walk

Birding Walks

Visitor Pavilion

Embark on a nature-filled adventure with our Birding Walks at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden! Led by longtime Garden volunteer and avid birdwatcher, Gail Ice, this guided walk offers a unique opportunity to explore the diverse avian life that calls our Garden trails home. Whether you're a seasoned birder or just starting out, join us for

Featured Featured Event Series Wriggly Critter Camp

Wriggly Critter Camp

Join us at our Wriggly Critter Camp to explore the wonderous creatures that exist in and around our gardens. From worms to beetles to salamanders, it is amazing what critters live here at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden and are just waiting to be found! Campers will explore the outdoors every day learning about the little

Featured Featured Event Series Butterfly Bungalow

Butterfly Bungalow

Visitor Pavilion

Discover magic & wonder this year in our Butterfly Bungalow! Join us for an enchanting journey into the world of butterflies at our Butterfly Bungalow, included with general admission to the Garden – no additional fee is required. Step into a realm of fluttering wings and vibrant colors as you explore the Butterfly Bungalow. Watch

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Nature’s Nightlights

Experience the magic of nature at night with our "Nature’s Nightlights" summer exhibit. Stroll through our Garden illuminated by a captivating show of lights inspired by nature. Witness artistically lit displays inspired by  campfire glows, the aurora borealis, lightning, fireflies, shooting stars, blooming flowers, phosphorescence & bioluminescence, and more as you explore our enchanting gardens.