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Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, a Garden for all seasons, provides guests a chance to reconnect with nature. We offer membership benefit programs for companies and their employees.

Put Nature to Work

American’s sedentary lifestyle is taking its toll. For employees who don’t get enough exercise, it’s causing obesity that leads to life-threatening diseases. For businesses, it’s leading to higher healthcare costs and reduced productivity.

That’s why we’re offering our Healthy Employee Membership Program at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. It’s a special kind of corporate perk that promotes health and well-being for your employees and their families.

Whether someone takes a yoga class, meanders through a garden of flowers or simply sits on a bench to enjoy the soft breeze, the environmental effects are undeniable. Indicators point to overwhelmingly positive results, including happier employees, more active adults and therapeutic outcomes both physical and mental. Learn how you can Put Nature to Work for your company in our spectacular 30-acre setting.

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Healthy Employee Member Organizations

  • AB Carter
  • City of Belmont
  • Gaston Family Health Services
  • Lanxess
  • Northwood Office
  • Schiele
  • Steelfab
  • Support, Inc.
  • Wyndham Capital Mortgage