Unveiling the Stars of Scarecrow Hollow: Winners Announcement!

As the vibrant hues of fall fade away, we’re thrilled to announce the shining stars of our Scarecrow Hollow contest in 2023. The magic of autumn meets the sparkle of the upcoming holiday season as we unveil the talented winners who brought these whimsical characters to life.

Online Voting Winner: Strawlly Parton takes the Spotlight

In the online voting category, Strawlly Parton emerged as the people’s favorite, winning the hearts of our fantastic community. Strawlly’s charisma and charm captivated voters, earning the coveted 1st place.

Paper Ballot Honors: Mr. Moss and Bloom & Grow Join the Celebration

Our paper ballots revealed more incredible talent. Not only did Strawlly Parton claim the paper ballot 1st place, Mr. Moss came in strong and claimed the 2nd place spot, showcasing an enchanting display of creativity. The 3rd place honor went to the delightful Bloom & Grow scarecrow, adding a touch of whimsy to our fall landscape.

Overall Winner and Trophy Holder: Strawlly Parton Takes the Crown

With Strawlly Parton claiming both the online and paper ballot votes; this sensational scarecrow claimed the overall victory, earning the coveted prize trophy. Strawlly’s brilliance and sparkle will forever be a part of Scarecrow Hollow’s legacy.

Thank you to everyone who participated, voted, and contributed to making Scarecrow Hollow a magical autumn wonderland. Stay tuned for more festive surprises as we transition from fall’s embrace to the glittering enchantment of the holidays!

Scarecrow Hollow is an eclectic display of original scarecrows for you to enjoy with the whole family!

Come explore the Garden and have fun seeing these local creations as we celebrate fall! While some Scarecrows are traditional, some are space age, and others are made of live plants, each one is a magical contribution to our fall festivities! Each Scarecrow is unique and is designed by members, supporters, and local organizations.

Local community members and organizations are encouraged to create their own Scarecrow and participate in our competition!

Scarecrows were on display at the Garden from October 4 through November 5 in 2023. Come back next year to learn how you can participate in the 2024 Scarecrow Hollow!