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WINGS – Spring 2024 Exhibit

Welcome to WINGS at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden – a captivating exploration of the enchanting world of winged creatures! From delicate butterflies to majestic birds, this bespoke exhibit invites you to discover the beauty, diversity, and wonder of flight in all its forms. From March 23 to May 26, our gardens will come alive with

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WINGS: Bluebird Bliss – Let’s Talk Bluebirds!

Visitor Pavilion - Great Hall

Join us for "Bluebird Bliss" weekend at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden! Discover the enchanting world of bluebirds and learn how you can contribute to their populations. Jeane Sprague, Gaston County Coordinator for the North Carolina Bluebird Society and head of the Bluebird Trail group at DSBG, will lead an engaging presentation on these wonderful winged