Join DSBG as we celebrate these beautiful and helpful creatures throughout the year. Build a house, make a donation or just come watch them in action.

Spring is on the way and in February Bluebirds will begin looking for nesting sites. As cavity nesters, they happily accept the use of nesting boxes and this year the DSBG Bluebird Trail has 50 brand new boxes for them to choose from! Last year the trail fledged 156 Bluebirds.

If you have a Bluebird box on your property, now is the time to clean out old debris and make repairs. To deter wasps, rub a coat of Ivory soap on the inside ceiling of the box. Make sure to check your snake guard too.

If you need a nest box, you can find them for sale in the DSBG Garden Store.  There you can find plans to build your own nest box and directions on how best to position it, to attract Bluebirds.

The Garden’s Bluebird Trail fledged 156 babies last year!

Come to the Garden to enter our contest and make your guess on how many we will fledge for 2023

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